Mejdr: Sokolov is a good choice, I live in Varech with my relatives

“Our fans against Olomouc encouraged from start to finish and it was feeling, we were more confident on the ball and I hope it will be so tomorrow,” says midfielder Jan Mejdr.

After a long series without losing Sokolov football players have not played twice in succession. “Now it’s up to us to break it and to make a series of points,” says Jan Mejdr.

Twice 1: 2, in Třinec and Sigma Olomouc, and in the table is the eighth place. “Satisfaction can be, even if our goals are the highest. The damage of the last two matches, with Olomouc we wanted to make some points, but we could not do it, in Třinec we could do it ourselves, after our gross mistakes we lost it, “the midfielder thinks.

Sigma Olomouc were not really much better guests, they did not have to win. “We went to see that we had nothing to lose, Sigma was deserving first, we were trying to surprise them, we were preparing for the whole week, trying different tactics.We did what we wanted to play in the match, we just added a little in the lime, so we did not create a chance. We made two mistakes, and Olomouc is so good that he punished us for them and watched the result, “recalls Jan Mejdr.

But one thing was quite new and very pleasant. “Our fans fought bookmaker bonus against Olomouc from start to finish and it felt like we were more confident on the ball and I hope it will be so tomorrow,” he praises the audience.

They would like to be rewarded by winning Frýdek . “He can combine well, he uses break situations. In the last rounds we made a lot of individual mistakes, our opponents were punishing us and we would like to avoid it.We would like to build on a combination game and push more into lime, be more hungry for the goal, then I think we have a better chance of success, “Mejdr promises and reminds that playing twice at home does not have to be a disadvantage. “It’s an advantage for me. It is better to prepare for the match at home, it does not go anywhere, it does not sleep anymore, you know the food. And other boys play mobile betting better at home. ”

Jan Mejdr arrived in Sokolov in winter. “I’m totally satisfied here.I was the first year of hosting when I had a chance to make a bit of it, then I decided to move because I have a good part around and all the conditions for me to improve and move on in the football career,

Moreover, the links to the region are very narrow. “My mom comes from Varus and her sister lives there, so I live with my relatives in Varech and Sokolov every day,” explains Jan Mejdr, whose father Pavel Mejdr worked at the VTJ Karlovy Vary during his military service. “Mom went to watch my father playing football here.He showed me a few places where they went together, “admits Jan Mejdr.

So it is not surprising that Jan Mejdra’s main election in childhood was clearly given. “Dad brought me to the main stadium of Sparta in Letna where he was recruiting, and I stayed there, I was there and with my brother playing in Dukla. Overall, we are a sports family, my mom racing. If I did not play football, I would definitely stay with sport, but football was first, “adds Jan Mejdr. With Sokolov thinking of the front of the table. “We will fight to end the autumn as much as possible.The heavyweight series is still waiting for us, but we’re focusing on the fights that await us first. “

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